Thursday, February 25, 2010

When I grow up...

My whole life, I've wondered what I would do when I was "grown up." Suddenly I find myself nearly 22, nearly in possession of 2 bachelor's degrees, nearly...grown up?! When I was younger, this prospect always seemed so exciting, so elusive, so far away. Now I kind of wish I was just a kid rollerblading with my neighbors again.

Since my grown-up life will be arriving so soon, I've been compiling a list of things that I might do after I graduate. Though I would much rather be an undergraduate forever, that isn't really socially acceptable and no matter how much I try to fight it, I'm ready in some small way for the Real World. The list is as follows:

1. Award-winning journalist extraordinaire. Travel the world and write clever, informative articles about the exciting world we live in.

2. Publishing/editing. Read other people's books, help make them better, then send their masterpieces out into the world. I love books more than anything and have read hundreds, so this would be fun. Also, I love editing things...nerdy, I know.

3. Professor. This would mean graduate school, but then I could teach college students how to be as awesome as me (laughing). Of course I would go to graduate school for a masters in history, and be in my glory researching and analyzing and exploring ideas.

4. Embassy worker. Live abroad and work at US embassies. Very political, very "right now," very... far from the United States. But fascinating.

5. Townie. Kidding, that title is reserved for those that never left. But I know that I can return home to Temecula, work at Target, and figure things out while I have a paycheck coming in. This would give me the opportunity to work or go to school in San Diego while commuting from home. Wonderful things come with this option such as parents, home, dogs, and a very happy savings account.

6. Move back to Madrid, teach English, live in a tiny piso and enjoy life. Drink cafe con leche everyday and take naps in Retiro.

7. The amazing Ultimate Life Plan: become a famous author of books that are profound, clever, and life-changing for my readers. Rub shoulders with all of the authors I have so admired these past few years (Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Khaled Hosseini). What could be more wonderful than a life of writing, reading, books books and more books?

Though these possibilities often take over my thoughts, I am trying to concentrate on getting another internship that I can participate in from now until June. Something that will perhaps help me to decide what I like and where my strengths lie in a professional setting. Any suggestions sent my way will be extremely helpful in some way :)

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Jodes said...

do all 7!!! go LOO!