Friday, September 25, 2009

Back in the land of cows, classes and Chi Omega

After 10 months away from Davis (having the time of my life in Spain and summering in my hometown) , I have finally made my return! The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. Mom and I drove up with all of my stuff shoved into my tiny, speedy little red car and spent a few days together before The Madness of Recruitment began. I have loved being back with my Chi O gals and my other Davis chums. Most of the time I have been here in our lovely little Chi Omega house working on learning my new positions as Personnel Chair and preparation for recruitment. So far we have survived an insanely fun week of pre-recruitment, Greek Life Fair, Open House, Philanthropy, and the first day of school (no class for me though). Today is Friday and tonight is Preference; the potential new members are down to 2 houses and will make their decision tonight. The house looks phenomenal - the smell of our chocolaty and fruity desserts, chapter room decorations, and the backyard is aglow with twinkly lights. It is going to be a great night!

More on that later. Yesterday something very exciting happened... I went to the head of the Spanish department to see if I could possibly turn my humble little minor into a full-fledged major. And I can! I am officially getting 2 degrees at UC Davis. Wow...that seems so surreal. Wasn't I just in high school, dreaming of this crazy college life? And now it is my senior year and so much has happened. I keep joking that I never want to leave here, that I want to be in college forever. Hey, a girl can dream. So the basis of this double major thing is that I have 2 quarters left after this one and only 5 classes to take (2 for History, 3 for Spanish) and then I will be awarded with a degree and kicked out of Davis and onto my arse. Who knows what the future holds? I sure don't but will keep you updated.


Our backyard during Preference night 2 years ago.... a beautiful picture, but this year it looks 10 times more awesome :)