Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Home 1 month

Has it really been a whole month? It's all gone by in a flash. So many things, so many thoughts. Here are some of the brief highlights:

- I scored a job at Target as a cashier, which is really fun. I really love interacting with people, which makes being at the front a great position for me. And since it is Target, I get to see people I know all the time. Let's see, I'm in my third week, let's see if I can remember everyone I have run into... Mom, Grandma, Joni Sanchez, Nancy Benson, that nice lady from church and her granddaughter, Lauren & Jourdan Wardlaw, Ashley, Michelle, Lauren & Tannis, a couple random people from high school, CarolAnn & her boyfriend.

- On the same day that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died last week, Sean and I went to a Third Eye Blind concert in Hollywood. Turns out MJ had a huge impact on the career of the lead singer, so they did a cool tribute to him at the end with "Give me one more chance"

- Sean and I celebrated our 10 month-aversary that night! We've been "together" in terms of location for about 2 of those months. Well, love knows no boundaries does it?

- MY GRANDPARENTS BOUGHT ME A CAR! Yes, I wrote this in my last post. But it's still amazing and I'm still excited. Sean brought me a cute stuffed hootie for my back window, and I put some mardi gras beads on my rearview mirror. Pimpage: complete.

- Read another amazing book by Paulo Coelho: The Zahir

- Culture Shock!!!

It's been wonderful and strange to be back home. There have definitely been a few moments where I have thought, "but in Spain..." The first time I really felt it was a week after I had gotten home. The fam, Sean, Tyler and I went to the Balloon and Wine festival and I felt very awkward around the people at the event. Here I was, fresh from beautiful Spain where people always look their best and wear scarves and such, and.... pot bellies and SKIN hoodies? Tramp stamps and platform flip flops? Boobs served up on a waterbra platter? The hamburgers and hanging out at the Herrick's trailer were the best, it was just the people... where do they come from?? Somewhere along the way I became a judgemental Spaniard. Currently in the process of reversing that, while holding onto my own higher expectations of myself. Like all the trendy self-help books will say: Balance.

Work has been a really great way for me to "get back into the swing of things," the swing of things being returning once again to Temecula. I absolutely love to work and have a job (my parents might find this amazing since I don't always enjoy doing "work" around the house like cleaning my room. Well, if I knew how to explain that one I could probably just write my book and make my millions already). So, work is great. My supervisors are really spunky and sweet which makes life dandy. After I had been there only a week, one supervisor asked me if I had ever considered moving up in the company. Shock! They must like me ;) Well, I can't say I have ever thought about a career in retail. No honest work is beneath me, but I had this dream when I was in high school. That I would go to a great school like UC Davis and have options to be brilliant. I could be a brilliant retailer, but... eh, not my thing. I enjoy bagging groceries, but when my time comes, I'll leave Target and some other punk student can take my place, a'la circle of life.

Speaking of work, I have stories. Oh, what a comical job it can be if you just SEE the comedy! The other day, a little old lady came to my register. I rug up paper food....that cat will EAT you when you die.... and KY JELLY! It was difficult not to giggle or say anything. But you know, us Chi Omegas are composed and professional when the situation asks. It's funny, I told this story on Facebook and a friend of mine thought it was so great, she told the other ladies in her office. The older ones thought it was great, but the younger ones were grossed out. I say, you go granny! We should all hope to be so spunky in our ancient days ahead ;)

How about some everyday stuff? Tomorrow when I wake up I am going to take Darcy and Ava (the puppies) on a long walk then go to work. Afterwards, I get to see my great friend Lyn-Marie who recently got a job with Rock & Republic and moved to Brea. Watch out world, this girl is a *firecracker*

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Allidink said...

Boobs served up on a waterbra platter? HAHAHA! I'm glad you're going to keep blogging!