Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wait... I have to LEAVE?!

I just finished packing up all of my suitcases, because I will be moving out of Casa de Mohino tomorrow... it's so sad, I want to take them back with me. Luis, Concha, Diana, Sandra and Blackie have been the best host family I could ask for and the thought of leaving them has really got me down...must stop thinking about it. Luckily, thanks to my amazing parents (i.e. the real fam back home) I have some great stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks :)

1. Barcelona!! w/Daniel, Andres & Julia
2. Portugal!! w/Reens ... we're going to visit Margarida :)
3. Frolicking about Madrid doing whatever I please
4. Cantabria? Sevilla? Salamanca? Hope to do 'em all
5. ... back to California <3

Traveling is going to be so much fun, especially since I have such great travel buddies in Rena, Daniel, Lisa and everyone else who may join us on our adventures. And then, the thought of going home is absolutely wonderful. I have loved my time in Spain, I have been LUCKY to live in this home... but it will soon be time to travel back to my own, and I can't wait to give a huge hug to all of you that I know and love and relate all of my adventures. Er, and then flop for the summer. Pool time <3

Oh but yes, I forgot, I still have one test left... my Spanish Art class. I hiked over to school today with my laptop and cranked out an awesome 6 page essay in no time flat, in Spanish I might add. Taking the class pass/no pass, so the final tomorrow shouldn't be too stressful. She says its short too, noooo biggie. Afterwards, Daniel and I meet up with Ania and Lea to get the keys to the piso and then... we boogie! Bus to Barsa leaves at midnight ;)

Happy Thursday to all--


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Jodes said...

the music is so beautiful on your blog...and so sad. it makes me all teary imagining you having to say goodbye to the mohino's & your beloved spain.

we are here, waiting.

xoxoxo forever, mommie