Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Favorite Photos

I finally found a way to upload all of my pictures! You will all see more in the future, but for now here are some of my favorites. Enjoy :-)

Amongst french tulips, carefree as a carefree thing

A beautiful gothic church in Barcelona

The lights of Las Fallas in Valencia

Studying for finals week in my room @ the Mohino's

Barcelona's own Arc de Triomf! My favorite arc so far :)

Daniel and I at our hostel in Barsa

Paris Opera House! (i.e. the phantom of the opera is there, in your mind)

Le Notre Dame! Paris

The Alhambra interior... Granada, Spain

My Portuguese friend Margarida made us amazing Arroz con Leche at Rena's piso in Februrary :) We go to visit her tomorrow in Lisbon

An almost candid shot of friends in Rioja - Hannah & Lisa


Jodes said...

i have a particular fondness for the pics of notre dame and the arc de triomf.... since i got to share notres & arcs with you on your first few trips abroad.

and that pic of you so ADORABLE.

XOXOXOX mommie

Allidink said...

Barthelona! LOL. Hola loo loo como estas? Tus fotos son muy bonita. Me gusta el foto del arco mucho. El teatro de la ópera de Paris! Yo lo pierdo. :) Te amo! Le Dink