Saturday, May 09, 2009

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

All of us rad Californians had a goodbye dinner on Wednesday night, which was really fun. It was also for the UC punks at Complutense, so Rena and Sarah B were there too! There were about 100 of us in all from both schools. It was still hot out, so for the first time I got out my cotton sundress to take on the night. I think I need to buy some sunscreen, because I look pretty red in a lot of the pictures...oops.

We all hung out on the patio having appetizers and drinks, then went in for a wonderful meal of bread, veggies, enormous steaks, potatoes, and red wine. Then the many many pictures! We were in taking pictures until the waiters told us that really, the restaurant was actually closing this time (they turned off the lights to get our attention). I wasn't in the mood to go out with the already-drunk folks from my program (and I had the ganas to get some sleep before my art class on Friday), so Reens and I decided to walk the hot, muggy streets of Madrid (at midnight, mind you, it was still hot but thankfully dark) before hopping on our respective metros. What a beautiful night it was, the full moon shining, lovers holding hands, the click-clack sound of high heels and trails of laughter on the wind. I am going to miss this city, always so alive and full of adventure. Rena and I had fun just walking and talking, as we always do. I am happy that though I must leave Spain, I will always have my Reens <3

Here is a picture of the "Getafe Crew," the only 6 people from the entire program who don't live in Madrid. And we love it! Well.. at least I do :)

Joanna, Suria, Daniel, Eddy, Melanie, and ME :)

And now back to my hermit-ish existence that consists of studying, writing essays, looking up words in my dictionary, eating, sleeping, breathing, getting ready for finals week! I am looking forward to being done next Friday, when I begin my 2 weeks of traveling and frolicking around Madrid. Daniel and I are "moving in" to Rena's place in the city and are very excited. My plans so far are: Barcelona, Lisbon (Portugal), Cantabria, Sevilla, Salamanca. Adieu until my next instance of procrastination!

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Allidink said...

Oh my Loo Loo that's a ton of places to go to! I think it's funny that you used a Sound of Music reference because this morning I woke up singing My favorite Things LOL. I was channeling you across the world LOL.