Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 days left...

How did that happen?? I come home on Sunday night and I am so happy. Yes, I am a bit behind on the blog... I still have to write about Portugal and about all the shenanigans here in Madrid. Will get to it! I've a long journey on Sunday and will have plenty of time to document this crazy Spanish life. For now, there is a new picture on the right, taken after Rena, Daniel and I went to Jardin Secreto (the secret garden) for fancy cocktails and dessert (I got a George Clooney & Tira Misu, quite yum).

Upcoming plans: museums, monasteries & churches tomorrow, Salamanca on Friday, out clubbing and dancing Friday night/Saturday morning, last minute fun and stuff on Saturday. Sunday morning I head to Barajas to fly to Canada :)


Jodes said...

ohhhhhhhhhh...i love this entry...especially with susan boyle singing about dreaming a dream in the background. it's poignant as this study abroad has been a dream of yours since you were very small, and here you are, not even 21 and you've lived a dream you dreamed already. i am bursting at the seams, so proud of you, my darling stephanie.

XOXOXOX forever, mommie

Allidink said...

You will be busy busy! Ok hurry home :)