Thursday, April 09, 2009

Catching up to do

I got a little behind again, here are some bullet points to catch up, and I will write more in detail tomorrow or Saturday :-)

* A bunch of UC Davis people just arrived to Madrid for their quarter abroad program, including my sorority sister Nikki, my friend from Spanish class Taylor, and my RA buddy Jess! I'm so happy they are all here and can't wait to hang out with them more.

* I just got back from spring break in ... Paris! I spent the first part with my friend Melanie from my program, and the second with Stacey, a friend from home (youth group!) who is studying in England. The whole trip was fantastic and I loved exploring the city. My favorite thing was probably the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart/Sagrada Corazon) - and I got to see the Louvre again :)

* Saw the new Pedro Almodovar movie, Abrazos Rotos, and really liked it - it's Almodovar, so of course it is strange. Plenty of food for discussion.

* Tried a unique drink called "Leche de Pantera," which is basically milk, sugar, cinnamon and 5 kinds of alcohol, one of which is green and tasted like licorice. It was strange and delicious and I will definitely be going back. Link to the bar, Chapandaz:

Only about 7 weeks left in Spain - time has definitely crept up on me. Time to start writing papers and plan my final Iberian travels. And of course, better my Spanish! But for right now, I'm in recovery from my Parisian adventures. Bon soir!

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