Monday, March 16, 2009

Prado, studying, TEST....etc,

On Friday, my art class again went to the Prado. Since we don't have class next Friday, our profesora decided we would spend a whole 4 hours perusing the giant museum. We studied the works of Murillo, Velazquez, and Goya - magnificent! The artwork was beautiful, and once again I got to spend hours inside one of Spain's top-notch museums...... but get this! A fun little twist to our day: we noticed when buying tickets that the place was crawling with policia, young guys with huge guns. When we entered the museum, we began to walk towards a certain salon when we were told to stop. We soon saw why: Prince Felipe and Princess Leticia were there to visit, followed a huge parade of official-looking people. How cool is that! Yes yes, I have seen the royalty. Quite royal, they are! The Mohinos were very excited when I told them. The royal family seems to be very well loved, from what I can tell.

After the Prado, I called Rena and we met for lunch (4 hrs in the Prado = starving). We walked around forever and ended up in a posh shopping district, where there was naturally no food to be found. Must be skeleton-like to wear tip-top fashions, or some shizz like that. But then! Out of nowhere appeared the coolest outdoor market. The vendors were cleaning up for Siesta, but we were in time to get Jamon y Queso on baguettes from a deli in the market. They had everything at this place! Fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, hundreds of cheeses and meats, flowers, you name it. There was a really groovy (and packed!) tapas bar next to it too. So we got our bocadillos wrapped up and went walking. We encountered a sweet old abuela, who cheerfully told us to enjoy our sandwiches. She said she was out walking because she too had just eaten, and her doctor told her to walk so she wouldn't get fat. Gotta love the random conversations. Gotta love the Spaniards ;) (how could you not??)

The rest of the weekend was spent studying for my PoliSci exam and reading for my Lit class. The Pol exam went pretty well, although multiple choice exams get me in a tizzy... I'm easily fooled by the "next best" answer. Who said tests were a great way to measure knowledge?! Some complete fool who should receive a swift kick to the balls, I tell you!

Literature really threw my head for a spin. I slaved away reading San Manuel Bueno, Martyr, which is really a great novella. It's only 30 pages... and accompanied by my handy dictionary, it only took me about a million years to read it. I was frustrated because it was so good and I hated having to stop so often to look up words, yet it was also a fun experience. I thought to myself, here I am in the Spanish sunshine (yes, sunshine!), reading Spanish literature and surviving all on my own here. The language barrier is a-coming down!

Having a low-key evening en casa after today. I hardly slept last night, was drained of all my ganas by the exam, and Mondays are my longest on campus. It's nice to just bum around in your PJs and watch Grey's Anatomy (in English, for my sanity). Until next time! Que tengas un buen dia :)

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