Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cuanto tiempo sin verte!

It has been over a week since I last wrote, can't let that happen again! There is much too much going on over here for such forgetful nonsense. Here are some lovely bullet points for us to catch up:

* I am going to Paris for spring break! Or part of it anyway. I am going with a friend from my program, Melanie, and we are meeting up with some of her friends who are studying in Italy. After that, they are all going back to Italy and I.....get this..... I am meeting up with Stacey! It turns out she is coming to Paris for a couple days right the same day Melanie leaves, how perfect is that? I am so excited, and in the process of planning and booking.

* Last week for our Wednesday adventure, Reens and I went shopping :) It was great fun. First we went to Maoz, pretty much the only vegetarian food in Madrid, to get some filafel and such. Then we went to this pasteleria in Plaza del Sol, the most famous pasteleria in Madrid, to get chocolate napolitanas...Mmm! They are so good. They have a flakey, buttery outside like a croissant, and thick, dark chocolate paste inside. All around greatness. After fueling up, we browsed the trendy, chic european shops. I found a really pretty orange blouse and a thin black dress to wear with my black boots, and a lovely cocktail-type ring :) The weather was crazy... the clouds were moving so fast, one minute it would be clear and sunny, the next dark and raining cats 'n dogs. At one point we ducked into a cafeteria to have cafe con leche (yay!). Another fabulous Wednesday!

* After having a sore throat all day last Saturday due to breathing too much cigarette smoke Friday night, I have decided to temporarily retire from the discoteca scene. Only temporarily... for maybe two weeks. We will see if I can make it that long - it's so much fun to dance the night away!

* Today, Rena came to Getafe for the first time for our Wednesday adventure. I hadn't explored Getafe too much, so we ambled about the streets and found some really great parts of the city! But first, I took Rena to the famous sandwich shop. She agrees, of course, that the ladies there are super sweet and that the food is unbelievably good :) Yay for extremadura bocadillas! Afterwards, we found some cool parts of the city. There is a donor kebap right near the school on Calle de Madrid, and we found that if you keep going down the street away from Carlos III, there is a really neat downtown area, with cool little shops and cafeterias, and a huge plaza with a fountain, benches, churro vendors, etc. So many people were out in the early evening! Old couples hobbling along, kids running in circles, students hanging around in groups. The plaza was alive and hopping! We also found a beautiful church that I didn't know about, I shall have to take some pictures of it. At the end of it all, I showed Reens how to use Cercanias Renfe, the commuter train. There is a station close to El Bercial and it only takes 20 mins to get to the middle of Madrid (Atocha) - way better than an hour on the metro on lines 12 and 10!! :)

* St. Patty's Day is soon! Although it's not really celebrated here, I will sure be celebrating :) My host sisters and I have been talking about going to a pub for a bit of fun on the day. I will have to wear something green... even though G'ma Joan is all the way in California, she may find some way to pinch me! ;)

Goodnight all! I send you lots of love from beautiful Spain <3


Allidink said...

Yay! Paris! Tre magnifique! I am so excited for you :)

mommie said...

Oui Oui for Paris! Mon dieu et tres bien.

Sounds like you have a fun downtown area in Getafe!

Post Pics!!!!

xoxoxox Mommie

Nona Jeri said...

gorgeous girl! nona sent st.patrick's day cookies!! i really don't think they will arrive on time, though....have you been to pris before? i seem to remember merrill takiing you on the underwater train from england. i would not dare ride in it. i wish i could remember the name of that fancy market andcafeteria in paris. it has a la deda restaurant too. thats where we saw dustin hoFFman hVING LUNCH. SO YOU KNOW ITS LA DE DA.I HAVE N APPLE PIE IN THE OV3N FOR SAM. HE CAME HOME LAST NIGHT. I WANT YOU TO GIVE CONCHA ONE OF MYLIME COOKIES. THEY ARE AAWESOME. YOU COST ME ANOTHER 12.95! BUT YOU AND MY DOLLY TOY ALLISON, & SAM ARE THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE AND WORTH EVERY PENNY. NONA LOVES YOU

Stephanie / Steppi / Loo Loo said...

I love my Nonna!! :)