Monday, March 02, 2009

Bullet Points

My random thought for the day:

* Never again shall I go out Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night. Makes for a rough Monday morning.

* Tapas may be the most fantastic culinary invention, especially the croquettes :)

* Every time I remember I need to buy stamps, it is between 2-5 when nothing is open.

* Margarida has gone back to Portugal and, although we have only just met, I'm going to miss that girl!

* I must must make travel plans for Spring Break/Semana Santa. Hmm... Cantabria? Paris? Italy?

* Irish pubs are a fun place to be in the middle of the night.

* Looking forward to my Wednesday hangout with Reens!

* Spanish Lit is kicking my arse .... ayyy carrumba

The end. Time to get back on the homework! :)


mommie said...

hola loo...working on the computer with nona today. it was fun to talk to you and dink at the same time today!!! :)

xoxoxoxxo mommie

Nona Jeri said...

still practicing

Nona Jeri said...

more testing by nona

Allidink said...

churros con chocolate are as good as tapas too right lol

David said...

Italy has my vote for your upcoming trip. (Although I've never been to the other two places.) Some of the best food and wine in the continent I had in Rome, and there's so much awesome stuff to be seen.

Of course, I went in the dead of winter and I had just arrived from butt-ass cold Russia, so my impression was skewed. Honestly, I was drunk with happiness just to be able to walk the streets of Rome without gearing up for sub-zero temperatures...