Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Turkey Balls

Yesterday, Concha was making meatballs and asking me about how we make them. I told her that Mom uses turkey usually, and that we have a special song about "turkey balls." She thought that was rather amusing, and I have promised to translate the song as best I can for her!

Also yesterday, I had a few little adventures. I first woke up and had breakfast, and Concha showed me a very typical Spanish breakfast; toast, made from a baguette, with a tomato spread. This tomato spread is made by pealing the tomatoes and grating them on a cheese grater into a bowl. Once in its little jar, Concha added "aceite" (olive oil) and mixed it all together. You spoon the tomato paste onto your toast, and if you want you can add more olive oil. Concha said she also likes the have toast with a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of "azucar" (sugar). After this yummy meal, I took an adventure to El Corte Ingles (kind of like: Nordstroms + pharmacy + Hallmark + whatever). I had to buy 5 things - I mean 3 - which were toothpaste, chapstick and tights. It turns out you have a pay for each item in its own department; I was in the pharmacy, asking where the chappy was, when the saleslady saw my [super cool] purple tights and explained the custom. She was very sweet and after helping me find my chapstick and ringing me up, welcomed me to Spain and wished me good luck. :) The rest of the day consisted of 3 hours of professors talking about their classes, relaxing a bit at home, having dinner. I borrowed "In her Shoes" from their DVD collection.

Today was pretty nice. It has been lovely to just relax and be kind of a homebody. This morning I had toast with butter and strawberry marmalade and tea, then got ready to go to Carlos III to take my oral exam - this, plus the written test, will tell which level I am going to be in for the language classes. As I was walking out the door, Concha ran over and handed me a cereal bar from Carrefour, one with a chocolate coating. "Buena suerte, Estefanie!" Good luck Stephanie! She is endlessly pleasant, and patient, with me. It's a wonderful thing when you are halfway across the world!

The test was pretty painless! I chatted with one of the profesoras, who was extremely nice and simply asked me questions about California and what I had done for the holidays (fui al caribe con mi familia!). Afterwards I met some other girls from my program who were super nice. I am excited to meet more of them in class next week. It's a bit intimidating right now, since everyone seems to have come with people they know. Kind of like when I took off to Davis... so for that reason, I am not too worried about making friends. Usually I sit back at the beginning of a new situation, observe the crowd. I make friends easily, but I prefer to know who is in which crowd first. I can already see who came to Spain just to drink and party - how sad, in such a beautiful country.

So after my exam, and a quick trip to El Corte Ingles, I came back and took a lovely shower, a lovely long nap, ate another delicious meal, and am in my room after watching a bit of The Perfect Murder with the family. Just waiting to see who is on Skype, and soon will be going to bed! You all know how much I love to sleep :)


penginpunk said...

That was quite possibly the most sly Python joke EVER! I almost missed it, and then laughed quite uncontrollably for a minute <3 I'm glad everything is going well.

mommie said...

...turkey balls, turkey balls, poor lil turkeys running 'round without their turkey balls.....LOL

im waiting and waiting and waiting here on excited so see you...xoxoxoxo