Monday, February 23, 2009

Tapas, por FIN! : )

I finally went out for tapas last night! It was grand. Sandra and I left the house at 7 to meet up with Javier at the metro, then we met Diana and her boyfriend Steven (here for the weekend from Ireland- super nice & funny guy) at Alonso Martinez. Eventually 3 more of their friends were there - "Danny Boy," a really sweet girl from Ohio who has been living here 3 years, and another whose name I didn't catch... my my, I do suck at names.

We all crowded around a table in a pub and ordered tapas - I had a beer with mine :) I wasn't sure what to order for tapas so I left it up to the rest of them. The fantastic results: potato nuggets (one plate with cheese sauce, one plate with spicy red sauce), jamon y queso croquettes, battered & fried sardines, chorizo, tortilla de patatas, and of course baguette bread. It was all delicious! Ok, except maybe the sardines. Diana and Steven had been at the zoo here in Madrid all afternoon, so they were telling us all about it. The chica from Ohio was telling me about her job teaching English here, and about her Turkish boyfriend who dances Flamenco. All of us were speaking a mix of Spanish and English because Steven hardly speaks any Spanish. It's kind of funny though, because sometimes I understand Diana & Sandra speaking Spanish more than Steven speaking English because of his Irish accent. But usually I can understand him! And it's nice being able to speak a little English in the house. It sort of feels like cheating, but hey everyone needs a break now and again before they go completely cross-eyed.

Today I finally went to the famous sandwich shop in Getafe. During my 3 hour break after Politica, I was hanging out with two people from my class, Suria & Andres, and they insisted on going after they heard I had never been. It was so good! No wonder the Mohinos always rave about it. The women working there were super "majas" as they say here (extremely nice), and seemed to know everyone who came in. The sandwich was huge and to die for, and CHEAP! (for 2,50 I got the hugest sandwich known to man and a Coke Light). The break was also really great because I got to practice my Spanish with Suria, who I can understand very well because she is from Mexico originally (it's the accent I am most used to, though I am slowly understanding castellano more and more). After our bocadillos (sandwiches), we headed into an "alimentacion" (chips, cookies, crap) and got ice creams :) And now I am finally home, after a long day away at school. When I got home, Concha made me a tea and we talked about 23-F and other political matters in Spain. She is so sweet - she says it is good for me to practice speaking, and she likes to know what I am learning. It's fun, and she is patient while I figure out how to explain things. And you know.... I am getting a lot better at this Spanish business! I think I may have crossed another threshold of the language barrier :)

Away laughing on a fast camel, will write again after my Wednesday adventure with Rena <3


mommie said...

tres yummo, with the exception of the sardines! niente pesce!

xoxoxoxo mommie

Nona Jeri said...

hi from nona.

Nona Jeri said...

your mother is giving me lessons again!unottess