Saturday, February 07, 2009

Por fin - I am connected

I finally bought a phone today! Yesterday after much sleeping, and much lazing about, I took another adventure on the metro to Rena's. The dinner party was so much fun! They had everything except dessert and drinks going in the apartment, so as soon as I arrived Reens and I headed to Carrefour so I could pick up my contribution: more sangria (after all, we only had 1.5 boxes at the piso!), hard cider, flan, chocolate, cappuccino dessert cups. It was such a fun night - coming back to Rena's piso, it was like seeing old friends. All the girls were there, plus a friend of theirs, Sandra, from Slovenia (also Erasmus). We had fish with a chunky fruit sauce (mango, pineapple, avocado, sweet onion), an apple & carrot salad, rice, and plenty of wine and "postres" (desserts).

After dinner, around midnight, we headed out to find a club called The Moon, which turned out to be uber-ghetto (who knew?), so we continued our search. We ended up going to three other places; a bar that turned out to have no dancing and was a bit "pijo," then a discoteca called Serrano 41 that we stayed at for a few hours, dancing the night away. After that we went to another discoteca, which was super crowded but fun. At this point it was around 4am and I kind of hit a wall... so Rena and I headed back. But even though I got so tired at the end, it was such a fantabulous night. I didn't sleep very much, only about 4 hours (Reens and I got up to go the The Phone House), I am going to take a long siesta after lunch!

Speaking of food, I finally ran out of Nonna's macaroons yesterday! Nonna - I made them last so long! I savored every last one! They were delicious :) THANK YOU AGAIN.

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