Friday, February 06, 2009


In Spanish, "nieve" means snow. It has been snowing off and on all afternoon! It looks so pretty, floating to the ground in little white puffs, occasionally plummeting to the ground in large clusters.

Yesterday, Thursday, was pretty good overall. It didn't rain or snow, although it was freezing outside. I went to Carlos III for an information session with Giorgio Whatshisface, who is the head honcho of all the Spain EAP programs and who determines how our grades will transfer. He spoke English and told us quite a few bad jokes; overall he seems OK. He and Rocio told us a few horror stories to warn us about doing stupid things far from home ;) After that, I went back home for a bit and then braved the metro into the city! I took the MetroSur (Getafe loop) to the Puerta del Sur, then took line 10 all the way into the city, then switched to line 1 and got off at Sol. I was only 20 minutes late to meet Rena! We went to the Museo del Jamon (a chain of amazing ham! Bar/Deli/Restaurant). It was so delicious, I am excited for when my family comes because I know Dad will particularly like it. We ordered the same thing: cured ham and cheese on baguette, and "cafe con leche." After walking around for a bit, we wound up in the Plaza Mayor (famous, touristy, etc) and after Rena told me about her friend who lived there, we heard him calling her from his balcony. What a view from his apartment! On the top floor, too. I could see the whole plaza and all the other tall things beyond it. I met Rena's friend and his roommate, both from CA, which was really fun.

Today I slept in! It was quite nice. I had a spot of breakfast, and because I was so cold, jumped back into bed afterward. I watched Atonement, which is quite a riveting film and very intense. The direction was excellent - but warning, this movie is full of heartache. So if you are more into feel-good movies, beware!

It's been a relaxing day, and soon I shall be venturing back to Madrid for a dinner party at Rena's piso. Margarida has finished her finals and will be moving back to Portugal soon, so the girls all wanted to have a fun night together. I am ecstatic to have been invited, it will be fun to be back for a night! Has it been a week already, since I came to stay with the wonderful Mohino family?? Times flies :)

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penginpunk said...

I hope you're having fun at Rena's. I'm guessing you're there right now :)
Let me know when we can get on skype for a while this weekend :) I hope you are enjoying the snow as well <3