Monday, February 02, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider

No, there was no incident involving a spider. I was humming the "itsy bitsy spider" song earlier because for 10 minutes, the sun came out! If you have been following the global weather reports, you will know that it has been SNOWING! Here in Getafe it has only snowed at night, but north of Madrid its quite the downpour. In Escorial for example, there is almost a foot of snow (Escorial is higher that Madrid, a town squished in the side of a mountain). Today in Getafe, it was raining quite a bit until about 6pm, when the sun made its gracious appearance. But alas! Much has occurred the last few days besides the bloody weather!

After a lovely week at Rena's piso, my program began and I moved into my [amazing] homestay. The night at the hotel was superb - I like couch surfing as much at the next college punk, but it was nice to have some space, take an absurdly long shower, etc. My roommate was very sweet, in fact I saw her today, but was spending the night with a friend. A big, luxurious room to myself, ahhhh it was wonderful. Except when I woke up the next morning and there was a rancid smell coming from my sink... which was a funny thing to try and explain in Spanish on the phone with the reception desk!

Saturday a.m. I met my host family!! A man and his daughter came to pick me up - the father of the family and Sandra, one of the daughters. We drove to their home in Getafe (very close to the university AND a metro station) and I met Concha, the mother, and Diana, the other daughter. Both sisters are about my age and also go to Carlos III! The whole family is so wonderful. They have been endlessly warm and welcoming, and patient with my Spanish ;) Also, they have a dog that they are absolutely in love with named Blaqui (like Blackie) who is quite the rascal. The house is very cute - it is in this neighborhood where there are tons of apartments and small houses, in a part where all the houses are connected at the walls. They are all made of brick, which gives the "barrio" a very charming effect. The house itself is adorable; every room has so many colors and little decorations, but it all comes off as very calming and tranquil because the style and colors are very subdued.... if any of that makes sense, hats off to me!

Mi habitacion esta en el tercero piso... my room is on the 3rd floor. The first has the kitchen and family room, the second has main bedrooms, and up here there are two small rooms with skylights (the other is empty) and an office. It's a perfect little room for me, with a comfy bed, armoir, and desk. All in all, I am extremely happy with everything here. I was a bit nervous about the homestay when it got down to Friday night, but right now I couldn't be more happy. Well, maybe if I was more fluent ;)

Didn't do much Saturday, just took a long nap, ate, watched soccer (their team is Real Madrid, like Royal Madrid), went to sleep. Sunday was very fun! I slept til 1pm (tee he he) then the girls took me to a world travel fair that Diana was working at. She works at an education abroad office where they offer a program in Ireland to learn English (she studied there last year!) and their office had a booth at the Ireland station. Every country in the world was there offering their tourism services! There was also a special part of the exhibition center for Spain, and while Diana worked, Sandra took me around that part and told me all the places I HAD to visit while in Spain :) Afterwards, dinner around 10 and bed - I had to wake up for orientation today!

6th paragraph, hang with me now! Today was really long, but fun. We took a written exam to determine our academic level of Spanish, activated our email addresses, briefly went through a packet about the classes offered, had a little reception with tons of yummy food (where I met lots of super nice people - all 200 of us Americans were together through all of this today). After that, they had the professors of 10 of the 20 classes offered come talk to us about the class they were going to teach and about the requirements. I want to take Spanish Art, because the class goes to museums around Madrid throughout the semester! After all of this, I went home (by myself on the metro, woot woot) and Sandra took me to the tobacco shop to get my Abono (monthly train pass) and now after a good meal, I am here and I am exhausted. May this blog find you all well! Hasta luego


Anonymous said...

You've been pretty busy! No wonder you're always wiped out at night <3

mommie said...

you were the worn out bedraggled world traveler today loo! hope you are getting a good nights sleep and will be ready for another action packed day at carlos III tomorrow!

we love you xoxoxo
mommie & daddy, darcy & ava

Nona Jeri said...

dolly! nona had computer trouble again today. the damm thing was dark and would not give me casey's picture. grump played with it and got it wrking and i got right into internet explorer and clicked on favorites like your mom taught me and there you were! if you stay away long enouogh your grandmother is going to get pretty good aqt this god damm computer! did you see how long it took your mom & me to get yesterdays message through? like 30 minutes. i wanted to quit but she wouldn't let me. now check the time and see how long i take today! love ya.

G'Ma said...

Love all your blogs. I hope you will be able to keep them up. I am so happy for you that everything is working out so well for you. Sounds as if you are living with a wonderful family!How was school today? Love you. G'Ma

Allidink said...
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Allidink said...

isn't it funny how u have to buy things like passes and stamps at the tobacco shops lol