Thursday, February 12, 2009

Field Trip!

Tomorrow, all of us California punks are leaving on a field trip with our program coordinators to Andalusia! We are going first to Cordoba and then to Granada. I am very excited, especially to see the Alhambra :D

The last few days have been lots of school. I have decided on this schedule, and am quite happy about it:

*History of Contemporary Spain
*Politics and Society of Modern Spain
*Spanish Art
*Spanish Literature
*Advanced Language

History, Spanish Lit, and Language all count back home - art and politics are for fun! I really like all of my professors, and think its going to be a great semester. And in case you were wondering: I can actually understand all of my professors. They all speak slowly and make sure we know what is going on, without babying us. It's a different story with people our age on campus - I try to eavesdrop a little when walking around, but they talk too fast and mumble... just like WE do at home. Everyone is very helpful though. Today I was panicking because I had to buy a reader for my politics class, and when I finally asked a couple people how and where and all that, they were incredibly nice. I got my reader :)

The language barrier is actually getting much better. I think I must have crossed over the first threshold, because I am understanding a lot more (at school & at home) and don't have AS MUCH trouble speaking. Still going cross-eyed due to the barrier sometimes, but I am improving (tra la la laaaaaaaa).

Yesterday Rena and I met up at the Moncloa station in Madrid to hang out. It was so much fun, we walked the streets of Madrid for over four hours, exploring and discovering things about the city that even she didn't know. We had lunch at one of those donor kebap places (yumm, turkish sandwich and Coke Light) and then began our walkabout. We somehow ended up at the Plaza de Espana, which was really cool! Then we walked down and around, and found ourselves at the Royal Palace, which so far I had only seen at night. What a view! Both the architecture and the countryside beyond are fabulous to look at. Around six or so, we ended up at Sol and split up on the metro. I hope we can make this a tradition! We talked about maybe meeting up every week at a different metro stop, to continue getting to know different parts of the city. YAY - Steph & Reens take Madrid!

Will be writing about my trip south when I get back! Hope the rest of you have a lovely weekend ^_^

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mommie said...

Welcome home from your field trip Dolly Girl. We missed having you here to celebrate Valentines Day. Thank you for the beautiful Valentine you left for me....I absolutely LOVE it & you know how much i LOVE surprises. xoxoxoxo Mommie