Thursday, February 19, 2009

El Estilo Barroco

Rena and I met up in Madrid again yesterday, this time at Principe Pio. First we went to eat one of the loveliest lunches in all of Spain: Ham & Cheese on a baguette and Cafe con Leche - YUM :) Then we took another fantastic walk around the city. We ended up around the Palacio Real again, but this time discovered something new, a beautiful park below the palace. Last week we stumbled upon a small garden to the right of the palace, but this park we found is actually behing & below it. It was huge, and very beautiful with tons of winding walking paths, statues, and the hugest trees you can imagine. Very peaceful, a great place to rest, walk, talk, whatever. Then we got ice cream, walked around (ended up near La Latina, then wound back near Sol), shopped. Reens and I always have a great time!

Today, my art teacher informed us that tomorrow we are to meet at the Palacio Real for class!! Fantastic news. We will be studying the frescoes and architecture inside the palace, and are supposed to focus on the baroque content. SWEET. When I came home, Diana offered me an extra sandwich she had bought, which was delicious - the Mohinos are so kind! Another example, this morning: I was running out the door to class when Concha handed me two chocolate cookies in a bag, and told me to have a wonderful day. They are, as we say in "Ingles" (English), ze bees knees.

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mommie said...

oerrrrrrrrrr...studying baroque frescoes...i am verrr jealous and wish i was going too! have a blast and don't leave anything out of your blog!!! i love you! mommie xoxoxo