Saturday, February 28, 2009

Communication, miscommunication, dancing, museums and pubs. Oy vay!

It's been a fun few days since I last wrote! I'd better be careful, or I'll get seriously behind... and not only is this blog for my luuurvely family and friends, it's for me to remember my time in Spain! So here we go chicos.

Reens and I didn't end up getting together Wednesday because she and Margarida went to Toledo - fun! I wish I could have gone but I had my history class. I don't like missing class and freakishly go to most of my classes back in Davis.. but here, skipping is hardly an option. They take roll ;) But anyway, it was a history class. You all know how much I love history. And I did get a few things done that I needed to - I successfully communicated with a really nice guy in the computer lab, and got my password changed so that I can actually access my student account (i.e. email). It's funny, sometimes I just go about my daily life here, talking to people and having no problem, becoming more fluent. But sometimes the language barrier kicks my arse. Thursday I was in my Advanced Language class, and we were reviewing commands. For those of you who are students of Spanish, you know that they can be a bit tricky to learn. For me, I understand commands but have trouble forming them. Which verb ending is it again... ahh! My profesora got a tidbit frustrated with me. I got frustrated with myself. Can we just skip the commands?? lol.

Thursday was, overall, a good day though. After I came home with my head spinning from my language class, I went on my first run in Spain :) I looked up a route around El Bercial (my neighborhood, kind of like Redhawk in size) and took off. I got kind of lost but knew that if I kept making right turns I would end up back home... which I did, somehow. Just running along, wondering where I was, and suddenly I am on Calle Irlanda. What good luck! So then, after showering and makeup-ing and such, I headed out to Rena's piso! Margarida is moving back to Portugal this weekend, so they have been living it up the past week. Going out, traveling. In fact on Thursday they spent the day in Aranguez (definitely misspelled that) before we all went out. The night was really fun! We left around 12:15 to go to a club called Cats, which was mostly university students (a relief after some of the other clubs, which are frequented by leering middle-aged men). We had to pay to get in, but then we got free drinks with our tickets! Nothing like a rum and coke to get everyone dancing ;). We stayed for a few hours, dancing to both American pop and European pop & house music. I slept for 4 hours at Rena's piso and then came Friday...

I took the metro to the "Museo Arqueologio Nacional" (National Archaeology Musuem) and met up with my class (got there early this time!) and we went in to look at some famous sculptures from the period we are studying (XI-XIV), then took a walk down Calle de Prado to study the architecture that Carlos III had commissioned during the modernization of Madrid (i.e. statues, fountains, wide parisian avenues). We looked at the Puerta de Alcala, the columns outside of the Prado, etc. It was a nice walk, and the crisp air woke me up! After coming back to the house, I rested for a while and took a nice nap (viva la siesta). Then later, I came downstairs to discover that Luis, Concha, and Diana were taking Blackie to the animal hospital - poor doggie. She ate a huge chunk of lard and had been throwing up all day (she's fine, she got a shot last night and now cannot eat until Sunday).

Later that night, after the vets, I took the metro into Madrid and met Diana at Sol, since she, Sandra, Matteo (their Italian friend who stayed here a couple of days), an Irish girl and her American boyfriend were all at a pub nearby. It was a good time all around, we drank pints of beer and chatted in English (it feels like cheating!), since the American guy hardly knew any Spanish. Apparently he had met this Irish girl when shewe visited Kansas, and now they were getting serious and he had moved to Madrid (literally, the day before) to be with her. Not fair, I want Sean to be here ;)

After coming home, we all crashed. I seriously did not wake up until 1:30 - we will see what tonight brings!


Nona Jeri said...

dolly it was so great to see your pretty face! i feel better now. i love you.

Nona Jeri said...

we are practicing!