Friday, January 30, 2009

Viva la Marcha!

I slept until 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday, it was absolutely wonderful. After 2 days of traveling, I really needed it! Reens was off taking her exams, so I bummed around the apartment with the girls e-mailing and reading and such until Rena came home. We bummed around some more (still in my pajamas, no less), ate dinner (fish, pasta, and sangria) and before we knew it, it was almost ten and we had to rush off to our movie! We took the metro to Sol (one of the main plazas of Madrid, pretty much the city center) and bought tickets for Revolutionary Road. Ania and Margarida came running up 10 minutes later, and we ducked in just as it was starting. A beautifully made movie, very sad too.

Afterwards, we split up and Rena and I headed out to one of the popular nightclubs, Joy (a lot of them have english names). We waited in line with some other Erasmus students, who shared their Coca Cola & wine (a surprisingly tasty mix) with us. The club was crazy! They play all this old american stuff, like Grease and pop from the late 90s. It's pretty funny. They went nuts for YMCA. The boys here are very forward, man oh man. Reens and I would be dancing and they would just eye you, and if you even so much as glanced at them they would be all over you trying to dance. We had to save each other a few times.. it was a very interesting night! After Joy we went to get Churros con Chocolate around the corner (YUM), then took a cab back to the apartment. My last night! Slept from about 5am-11am, then shleped alllll my stuff on the metro (what a circus, we must have looked crazy trying to haul all my crap up and down the stairs) to the hotel. I met Rocio, our program coordinator, who is super nice. She immediately told me what was up with the hotel and orientation meeting - all in Spanish! That would have made me so nervous a week ago, but I have really learned so much, and I can understand quite a bit more too. Yay, I speak Spanish.....kinda.....yeah ;) Also met my hotel roommate, nice girl from UCSB. The shindig tonight should be verra nice, I'm excited to meet everyone.


mommie said...

Viva La Marcha! Ohhh..Daddy and I are so happy to hear you made it to the hotel since we were Mommie & Daddy McDitherpants all worried about our DollyGirl. Can't wait to read the next blog about the hotel orientation & shindig tonight.

xxoxoxoxox Mommie, Daddy, Poo & Ava Fontaine xxox

G'Ma said...

I, G'Ma, have been faithfully reading all your blogs. I am sooooo happy for you. I am glad you had time to practice your Spanish before meeting your family and also got to spend some time with Rena and her roomates and got to do some sightseeing. Good luck with your classes.

Love you oodles, G'Ma xoxoxoxo

Nona Jeri said...


Nona Jeri said...


Nona Jeri said...

stephie! nona found you all by herself...your mother taught me how and now is walking me thrrough this. i am going to snd you a valentine. we love you and love reading about your adventures.dur