Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tapas & Wine

Well actually, it was tapas and beer.  A delicious dinner after a long and fun day!  Rena met me at the Madrid airport and we came back to her apartment (which reminds me of the apartment from  the French movie The Spanish Apartment, with Audrey Tatou).  Her place really is fabulous!  Her roommates are super nice and welcoming, it's been fun to spend time with all of them and practice my Spanish!  

So, Rena and I went out after I showered and changed and got Cafe con Leche at the local cafeteria (on every corner), then walked around her barrio of Madrid before traveling to her afternoon class - a full metro ride and bus ride on the freeway away!  It was the final meeting of her psychology of sexuality class, and we sat with another Compultense girl from US Santa Cruz.  The professor got all pissy at us every time we quietly whispered to each other, yet suspiciously seemed unruffled by the constant conversations of the Spanish students....  can we say favoritism, anyone?

Came back to the apartment, took a deliciously long and much needed nap, got groceries (some snacky stuff to keep here for the week, as well as shampoo and face wash), and headed out for tapas with one of Rena's roommates from Poland.  Four plates of tapas and a beer later, we hoofed it home and here I am.  I don't think I am every going to have such a good night's sleep as I am tonight!  Time to go put my nappies on and watch Thumbelina with the girls :)


mommie said...

LooLoo's Big Adventure in Madrid begins! Sounds like a fun day and glad you got to have Tapas and Beer (even tho Mommie's are supposed to be proper and not say things about being glad you got Beer). It was another action packed day around here...I think I want to start a blog...whew. Nitey nite. Mommie is muey tiredo xoxoxox

Chatelaine said...
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