Thursday, January 22, 2009


The first leg of the journey was pretty painless..... after the Big Goodbye, that is. My parents, Grandma Joan, and Sean all came to LAX with me this morning. We began our journey at 4am, when we wandered deliriously into our nappies and headed towards LA in the Expedition. After a good breakfast (we actually got to LA early, who knew?), we went to the airport and the teary goodbyes began. I really despise saying goodbye, but it must be done.

And ah yes, the painless flight. I fell asleep and 5 hours went by in 5 minutes. Hopefully this next 7 hour leg of the journey will be just as convenient - and hopefully I can sleep again! I'm definitely deprived enough of sleep - it's like finals week at Davis, but worse (those of you who have witness my good self during finals week will understand just how tired that makes me... ;)

Above all, I am excited and lucky to be going where I am - Madrid! - and can't wait to experience life in Spain, and spend time with mi amiga buena, Reens (Rena Khandelwal) and my lovely Chi O sisters Sarah & Sarah <3

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