Saturday, January 17, 2009

Packing Up

More than a year after beginning my journey to Spain, I am finally packing! The suitcase is almost filled, and Madrid is almost a reality. I have 3 full days left in Temecula, to spend with the fam, dogs, amigos, and of course Sean <3

As for today, after I finish packing we are going out for fondue with Grandma and Uncle Stewie. After that... who knows? I tend to stay up late ;)


mommie said...

I will be needing more Kleenex~! My Spain. Sniff..Sniff...Have the time of your life Dolly Girl. xoxoxox

Aine said...

Hi Stephanie, Aine in Ireland here (old girlfriend of your Grandads - sure you don't remember me). I'm closer than your Mom so if you need anything you let me know.... or if you or your friends want to visit Ireland whilst you're in Europe I'd be happy to put you up.

Enjoy the experience - you'll have a ball!!

Aine xx

Nona Jeri said...

Hi from Nona and Grumpy