Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I have been studying colloquial Spanish words and phrases used here in Madrid. Here are some of the G-rates ones (tee he he):

no pasa nada - "no biggie"
dar la lata - to annoy/bug
la marcha - spanish nightlife
pijo - snooty rich person/"daddy's money"
que guay - "cool"
vale - very good, OK
venga, hombre! - dude, seriously?
chinos - cheap shops on every corner, run by Chinese people
que maja - how nice!
locutorio - internet/phone cafe
que fuerte! - Wow!
ser de leche - to be amazing
intercambio - meeting up with someone to swap languages

There are also many words that are just shortened:

boli - boligrafo (pen)
peli - pelicula (movie)
bici - bicicleta (bike)

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