Friday, January 23, 2009


Hola mi familia y mis amigos.  Today has been fantastic - we slept til noon (definitely needed that), then met up with a girl from Berkeley for lunch, at a vegetarian place.  Filafel, salad, and Coke Light yummm.  The next few hours after that we went shopping!  I got the boot/shoes I wanted and some dark green leggings - I have seen so many girls wearing skirts and leggings instead of pants!  

It has been fascinating studying the fashions of Madrid.  Here is the basic run down:  skinny jeans!  Or at least snug, no floppy boot cut jeans here.  Boots - ankle boots and knee high boots - and the european style sporty walking shoe.  Skirts and leggings.  Everyone has a good coat - the older women seem to wear longer coats, while cute, shorter variations are worn by people my age.  Motorcycle jackets!!  So many boys are wearing them.  Scarves, also - the burbury plaid is very popular for the over 30 crowd!  Men, women, kids - everyone wears them.

Those are my observations so far.  All these things are worn at home, but the style is very distinctly european (of course).

Getting dressed and going to a dinner party, then a discoteca!  Should be quite the experience.

Also, my spanish is not nearly as horrible as I thought.  And I am getting lots of practice!  Thanks for stickin with me, Rena ;)

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Kristin said...

Oh my beloved Pally pantalones!!! I can't believe you're really actually there in Espana! It sounds like you are having so much ridiculous fun I am a slightly jealous Cali-bound chica. But it's ok. I's all settled in the great new apartment! I love you! Have wonderful adventures!!! :)